Sixth Sense

Training with a sense of humour

I deliver two distinct presentations as they are aimed at two different audiences. Both run for forty five minutes and are described below.

Presentation for Events and Conferences

I completed thirty years with the Metropolitan Police in 2013. Seventeen of those years was involved in Problem Solving. I worked in resolving problems, facilitating sessions, and designing and delivering training.


During that time, I identified eight elements that were important to mainstream problem solving.


Included are examples where things did not go well. I thought it is important to show that it’s

not always easy to apply problem solving.


Presentation for Social Events (e.g. U3A)

During my career in the Metropolitan Police it was recognised that I had a flair for innovative thinking and I ultimately specialised in becoming a Problem Solving Advisor.


I think my creative thinking was due to my Dyslexia, which was not identified until I

was in my forties.


This presentation is made up of different

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