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Problem Solved (1 day) course

This course examines a wide variety

of tools to think creatively, as part of

the 'PARTNERS' Problem Solving Process,

in order to achieve the aim.


It covers monitoring and displacement,  how to negotiate the changes, evaluate

the initiative and recognise good practice.


If you have any questions, please

call me on 07759 538364, or email

Here are some comments taken from the feedback sheets.

"Informative and funny".


"Excellent ideas, cleverly packaged and presented".


"Helped me think of a problem, reverse it and then find new ways of dealing with it by coming up with new ideas".


"Engaging, Plain English and a reminder to think divergently".




"Good content with excellent delivery".


"Good balance of Police and Private knowledge".


"Thoroughly interesting delivery techniques and very amusing".


"Engaging, funny and knowledgeable".


"Pitched delivery and content at the right level".


"New methods of thinking about / resolving problems".


"It was interesting, interactive and I learnt different ways of dealing with problems".


"Clear with explanations. Respectful to the delegates thoughts".


"Kept it entertaining and everyone got involved, but without any pressure".


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