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Presentations Skills (1 day) course

This course covers the NAOMIE Model

in delivering effective presentations and training sessions. It scrutinises both good and bad practice with PowerPoint.


It also covers how to adapt your session when the time you've been given to deliver it has been changed

at short notice.


If you have any questions, please call me on 07759 538364, or email me at

Here are some comments taken from the feedback sheets.

"Excellent level of knowledge, very entertaining and well structured approach.

 The NAOMIE model is easy to implement" - Town Centre Manager


"Very informative and good seeing other examples" - Police Officer


"Uses clear simple language, no jargon" - Community Safety Officer


"It was really informative and learned some really useful tips" - Volunteer 4 x 4 Rescue


"Good delivery and a good judge of the audience" - Council Enforcement officer


"Very well structured course, provided a lot of useful information" - Police Officer


"Neil was a great trainer, and the course was very insightful" - Volunteer 4 x 4 Rescue


"Delivered at a level that was easy to understand; good practical suggestions.

 Good fun and the time flew by" - Community Safety Officer | Copyright © Sixth Sense Training Limited | All rights reserved