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PACE and PEACE Interviews (1 day) course

This course covers the interviewing of suspected offenders, using the highly  regarded PEACE Interview Model.


It covers: Code C (Cautions) E and F PACE 1984; Human Rights Act 1998;  Significant Statements and Interview techniques.


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Here are some comments taken from the feedback sheets.

"Able to learn in a relaxed environment with aids for learning i.e. videos, real life scenarios and relevant content. The trainers were knowledgeable, experienced, personable, and fun" - Street Scene Manager


"Learnt a lot which will help me with future interviews. Humourous and knowledgeable"

- Enforcement Officer


"Explained how to conduct a site visit, using PACE. Allowed us to critique styles and have a go. It was done in an engaging way with videos, discussion and some role play"

- Conservation Officer


"Excellent balance of styles. Really good use of recapping. Going back to see examples helped us to see how much we had learnt" - Environmental Health Officer


"Great pace to training, good humour and well structured. Set up and explained PEACE"

- Community Safety and ASB Officer


"Flowed really well. Great understanding of the subject, good team work. A good balance of interaction. Really helpful dealing with ‘no comment’ interviews" - Planning Officer


"Covered so many positives and negatives to the whole process, and allowed us to drift into other areas of concern we had. It was all light hearted and it helped solidify the messages being put across" - Enforcement Officer


"Very knowledgeable, helpful and all questions answered clearly" - Street Scene Officer


"Good advice on interview techniques to get to the truth. Used their experience to tell us what questions work best" - Environmental Health Officer | Copyright © Sixth Sense Training Limited | All rights reserved