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'Who shares your problem?' is a book which entertains as it educates, through a logical

and memorable process generously supported by relevant examples.


In addition to being a good read, this is judged to be an indispensable guide and source of reference for all those who are tasked with Problem Solving and Partnership working.


Available in both Kindle and paperback.

Below are some book reviews taken from Amazon.

"This book will change the way you approach problems by leading you through a practical and easy to follow technique, supported by some witty and memorable examples of its application.


It will inspire you to have a better understanding of the underlying causes, which will make you better at what you do and how you do it.


This is the kind of easy-to-read, enjoyable and useful guide I have been waiting for".


"This excellent book will guide you painlessly through the important stages of understanding what the problem really is, how to articulate it so that you have a clear

idea of where to go with the solution and also being able to recognise when you have achieved what you set out to do.


I'm well placed to review this book - I bought 60 copies for my staff"!

"What I like most about his book, is that you pick it up because you want to read

it, rather than have to.


There's plenty of information and it's done in such away that its enjoyable to read.


With the step by step approach, its easy to refer back to sections.


So if you have a problem, I advise you to read the book and watch the light bulb ping on. It's that good". | Copyright © Sixth Sense Training Limited | All rights reserved