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ASB Enforcement (1 day) course

This course covers the identification of

ASB offences, the gathering of evidence and reporting offenders. Offences include breaches of Community Protection Notices and Public Space Protection Orders.


It also covers the Code C of PACE 1984

and the Human Rights Act 1998.


If you have any questions, please

call me on 07759 538364, or email


"Very informative, set at the right pace, correct level of information - Relevant and up to date. Good style, adapted to the group and very knowledgeable" - Team Manager


"Very relevant to my job, and all done with humour" - Enforcement Officer


"I have learnt a lot of ways to evidence offences and tactics I can use in my role. Neil is always approachable and delivers in a funny but informative way" - Street Scene Officer


"Well researched content and creative ideas + approaches" - Community Safety Officer


"Great humour and good follow up from problem solving" - Street Scene Officer


"Easy going, interesting - funny! The handouts were particularly useful" - Council Officer


"Lots of insight and good practical level" - ASB Officer


"Clear and concise, as well as amusing, linking into stories which help recall. Proforma was very useful" - Local Government Officer


"The training gave a new way of dealing with offences in terms of strategy and good ideas in best practice. Great delivery and very knowledgeable" - Enforcement Officer


"Engaging, and good use of PowerPoint. What was particularity useful was the specific

 strategies and direct information on addressing offences" - Local Government Officer


"Excellent style, delivered with humour and the proforma was very useful" - Council Officer


"Very informative, changed the way I deal with offences" - Enforcement Officer.




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